Budget Based Uniform Program

  • Aug 3, 2022

A large client with many branch outlets is ordering uniform items for each employee via spreadsheet. Each employee is allowed a yearly uniform budget of $250. Inventories are out of control and this process is very time consuming. Keeping track of the individual uniforms and spending was very difficult.

The Budget Based Online Employee Uniform Platform by PromoMonster, which allows your employees to order their uniforms with ease. The Employee Uniform Platform by PromoMonster is designed to be a budget friendly option for all businesses. This is done so by controlling employee uniform budgets and eliminating costly inventory.  

Here's how it works:

  • Employees are setup by store location and job type.
  • Each employee is issued a budget to use for their uniform selection.
  • When an employee logs in, they see their budget remaining and are directed to customize their uniform selections.
  • Once selected, uniform items are then produced on-demand without any pre-loaded inventory. 
    • This allows employees to choose from many possible uniform options. For instance, it allows national companies to use climate and job type to customize their uniform selections.
  • All items are labeled with employee name and can be bulk shipped to store locations or sent directly to each employee at the address of their choice.


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